Deep Sea Treasure Cupcakes

Decorating;You will need:
12 vanilla cupcakes (to decorate, vanilla is like the sand at the bottom of the sea)
4-5 0z. White Fondant
Gold Glitter Dust (Commonly found at Michael’s, a little bit will go far)
Paintbrush, safe for use on food (Brand new is best)
Vanilla buttercream
Blue and green food dye
Cupcake liners (I used silver)
Stamp (birthday boy/girl’s first letter of name) Optional
Green rock candy
Pearl sprinkles
round cookie cutter, smaller than cupcakes (and round object that is traceable with a knife works too)

1. Tint your buttercream blue, add a drop of green to make it more ‘sea’ colored. With a knife, spread it onto your cupcakes, not perfectly smooth.

2. Roll out your fondant till it is roughly 1/8-1/4″ thick. Cut it into 12 circles with your cookie cutter. Wash your stamp and thoroughly and dry it off. In each fondant circle stamp the letter (in my case a letter ‘C’ into the middle of each fondant coin. Let dry for 10 minutes.

3. Dump a small amount of glitter dust into a bowl, add a tiny drop of water, enough to make it a paste. You may also substitute water with vanilla extract to infuse more flavor. With your paintbrush, brush your coins with the gold paste. Add 1-2 more coats after letting dry for 5 minutes in between. Leave out until cupcakes are ready to be topped.

4. place coin in middle of cupcake, break rock candy off into bits and place around, behind, and in front of your coin. Sprinkle your pearl sprinkles onto cupcake. Voila! You have Deep Sea Cupcakes!


Why do we need algebra?

Finding X is only important if you’re pirate!


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